Purchase artworks despite my nomadic lifestyle

Welcome to the page dedicated to acquiring my artworks, even as I embrace a life on the road. Despite my constantly changing surroundings, there is still the opportunity to own my creations, it only adds an extra layer of excitement to the process.
Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I cannot predict when exactly each artwork will come to life. However, every time I return to my studio, I dedicate myself to bringing your orders to fruition.

Acquiring your art

If you’re captivated by my creations and wish to make a purchase, please get in touch.

Price List

  1. ‘Emi’ – Price: €1500
  2. ‘Nyx’ – Price: €2500
  3. ‘Moonchild’ – €1500
  4. ‘Aurora’ – €1250
  5.  ‘Water’ – €1000
  6.  ‘Earth’ –  €1000
  7.  ‘Fire’ – €1000
  8.  ‘Air’ – €1000
Owning one of my artworks means possessing a piece of my journey, a fragment of the world as I’ve experienced it. Reach out to me and become a part of this adventure. Your investment goes beyond the artwork – it’s a connection to a life of exploration and creativity.
Note: Prices are subject to change and availability. Contact me for the most up-to-date information.

Support my nomadic artistry on

Are you captivated by my nomadic artistry and wish to become an integral part of my creative journey? There’s another meaningful way you can contribute to the unfolding of my artistic adventure – by becoming a patron on Patreon.

Why Patreon?

Patreon offers a unique platform that enables art enthusiasts and supporters to connect directly with artists they admire. By becoming my patron, you’re not only supporting the creation of new artworks but also gaining access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, insights into my creative process, and a closer look at my life on the road.

How to Support on Patreon

Becoming a patron is easy and immensely rewarding. Simply visit my Patreon page and choose a tier that resonates with you.
Your patronage not only provides vital financial support that fuels my creativity but also empowers me to continue exploring the world, gathering experiences, and translating them into unique artworks that tell stories of places, cultures, and emotions.