The mystical world of the “Moonchild” sculpture, is a captivating piece that transcends time and space, representing the diverse phases of the moon and their profound spiritual meanings. Inspired by the ever-changing lunar cycle, this artwork encapsulates the beauty and spiritual essence of the moon.


The inspiration for “Moonchild” draws from a deep connection with celestial rhythms and the symbolic significance assigned to each moon phase. Each phase reflects a unique aspect of life, from new beginnings and growth during the waxing crescent to reflection and release during the waning gibbous. Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern spirituality, this sculpture is a visual journey through the cyclical nature of existence.


Crafted with attention to detail, “Moonchild” is a synthesis of art and spirituality. The phases are intricately designed, capturing the moon’s shifting energy and its influence on our emotional and spiritual being.