Lonely in Space 01

What if we went back to the raw emotions of mental illness?

Lonely in Space 01 is the first piece of a series where I explore the possibility of revisiting the unfiltered emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of psychosis, in an attempt to relive the pain as part of my emotional processing.

In this piece, the theme is captured by the split faces in the middle, where the psychotic mind alternates between two realities: the tangible world and the unpredictable mind. Experience the duality of existence, where sanity and chaos blur in a way that invites contemplation on the nature of perception and reality. The piece offers a stark reminder of the fragility of the human mind, that the line between reality and insanity is thin and can be easily crossed.


I’m proud to let you know Lonely in Space 01 is part of the Personal Structures exhibitions that¬†will run from 20 April until 24 November 2024 during the Venice Art Biennale.


Personal Structures