The chaos from within

Mitchell van Dis

As a wooden relief sculpture artist, I delve into the depths of the natural world, seeking profound insights into the interconnectedness of all things. My wood art creations reflect on the infinite potential of the human spirit where each piece is a unique expression, capturing the essence of nature and the spirit within.


Lonely in Space 01


Water | Four elements serie

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Personal Structures - ECC

Venice Art Biennale '24

April 20 - November 24

Journey into Tranquility

Discover how the freedom of van life and immersion in nature have become a healing sanctuary, fueling my artistic soul. This lifestyle provides stability and inspiration, a transformative journey after overcoming the depths of mental health issues.

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Capturing psychosis

Lonely in space Series

In my Lonely in Space series, I research the possibility of revisiting unfiltered emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of psychosis, in an attempt to relive the pain as part of my emotional processing. The debut piece, 'Lonely in Space 01,' is now available for viewing in my portfolio.

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